Swimming lessons take place in an 8 X 15' indoor Endless Pool. The pool is heated between 84 & 88 degrees year-round, and has a speed-adjustable swim current.

Very young swimmers often do well at Shannon's Swim School because of the calm controlled environment. Higher skilled swimmers can also excel thanks to the swim current which also enables Mrs. Shannon to share swift water safety knowledge. 

About The Instructor

Weekly Private Lessons

One instructor & one student

  • Four hours of individualized instruction formatted to your preference (either four days a week for two weeks or two days a week for four weeks)
  • Course content is catered to the needs and readiness of the student.
  • $200.00 per session (totaling 4 hours)
  • Guaranteed instruction from a qualified instructor


location information will be provided with invoice

Age information


In trying to decide if your child is ready for swimming lessons, age is not always the best factor to consider. Instead, ask yourself Mrs. Shannon's big 3 questions:

  1. Is my child potty trained?
  2. Will my child be able to understand and follow directions?
  3. Has my child had any ear trouble?

Mrs. Shannon's big 3 questions address basic needs that should be met before learning can take place.

Big Kids: 

Instructors at Shannon's Swim School love teaching swimmers of all ages. Indeed, swim team members are often able to reduce swim times at Shannon's Swim School thanks to the swim current. However, the 4.5' depth of the pool limits the amount of progress a child can make when they are taller than 4.5' and learning to swim for the first time. Parents of taller children in need of basic swimming skills should seek instruction at a pool with more depth to enable their swimmer with the tools needed for independent success. 

Parents of Infants/ Toddlers:

Please inquire via contact form regarding Mom & Tot classes. These classes are designed to prepare your child for aquatic comfort. That way, when it is time for them to take lessons independently, Mrs. Shannon can begin teaching without having to spend valuable lesson time on aquatic acclimation.

About the pool


We provide summer swimming instruction to pupils of all ages and skill-levels in a comfortable and educational environment. We strive to increase aquatic competency in Terrebonne Parish.

At Shannon's Swim sChool You are guaranteed to receive instruction from a qualified teacher.

School Director, Shannon Eaton,  has a Bachelor's of Science in Health and Physical Education and is certified to teach adapted P.E. She is also Red Cross certified Lifeguard and is certified by the YMCA of the USA to teach swimming lessons. 

Shannon has been teaching aquatic instruction since 1997. She has taught beginner's swimming lessons, stroke refinement, offshore industrial safety, small craft safety, and YMCA Lifeguarding.

Mrs. Shannon believes that aquatic safety is more than just a summer activity; learning to swim is as important as learning to read. In the community of Terrebonne Parish, the square miles of wetlands and waterways outnumber those of solid ground. Indeed, aquatic knowledge is the key to a reduction in the incidents of drownings.